Just call it a call

Here’s some conversational advice: just call it a freakin call!

The name of the application / service you used to call someone does not matter at all. If you say “I was on a call with a colleague and I saw his wife walk into the room naked”, would anyone be confused because you didn’t specify it was a Slack/Teams/Skype/Zoom/Jitsi/Hangouts call? The context of what you’re saying will make it clear if it was a video call, if a screen was shared, etc.

Me: “So I was calling a colleague and I saw that he was..”

Nobody: “OMG how could you SEE him, I thought you were on the phone?!”

Also, it can make conversations boring, and sometimes even confusing.


Me: “So I was calling a colleague and I saw that he was..”

You: “Ah, was it a Zoom call?”

Me: “Ah, I didn’t know you liked boring conversations.”


Me: “So I was in a call with a bunch of colleagues, and..”

You: “Ah, was it with teams?”

Me: “Well, no. There was just one group in the call, no division in teams.”

You: “I meant Teams, with an uppercase T. I asked because I like annoying conversations.”


Me: “So I was AT&T-calling a friend, and..”

You: “LOL how is your phone service provider relevant to me?”

Also you: “So I was Zooming my Team to Hangout on Slack…”


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