My (mis?)understanding of the economy

Or: “What should I do with my money?”

Note: This post is 100% honest. It may sound sarcastic, but this is actually how my thirty-something year old brain understands the financial aspects of living on our planet. Unfortunately for me, economic subjects seem to be extremely pervasive in our lives, where normal people are expected to understand things about the economy that are not intuitive, and have not been taught to them at school.

I’m not a stupid guy. I’ve got a Master’s degree in Law, became a developer at IBM right after graduating, and so far I’ve been pretty successful at that.

My wife is not stupid either. She graduated cum laude for her Bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude for her Master’s degree, and is currently doing a PhD.

So here’s the deal. We’re not stupid, but we don’t understand jack sh*t about money. If I try my hardest to focus, and my friend (who is incredibly entertaining and very good at explaining things) explains anything related to taxes, economy, pensions, etc to me, my brain just shuts off after a couple of seconds. It feels like my brain is actively trying to block the information, making sure it is never interpreted or stored.

As far as I think is important for this post, here’s my understanding of the economy:

Economy 101



Anything else?

I don’t know. I think I kinda solved the “What should I do with my money?” question.

Advice to myself:


I made an “Ask HN” post about the pension aspect of this post here. Really appreciate the comments so far. Maybe I’ll take a less binary approach to retirement and invest in a scheme as well as in houses. Not sure yet, as it still sounds like economic gambling voodoo to me. We’ll see!

Legal notes: